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Marta Halama
Marta Halama
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I’m a fashion & lifestyle artist based in Poland 

I DRAW chic girls, stylish clothes and accessories, fantastic interiors and amazing places
around the glob worth to TRAVEL. Topics of FASHION, BEAUTY and LIFESTYLE are my favorite.

This fun with fashion and art brought me surprising collaborations with companies and people from all over the world such as
Lisa Adams from LA Closet Design in USA – Kardashian’s family wardrobes designer….Dee Zee – the brand well known to all shoes lovers….
Spinki – number 1 wedding agency in Poland….or Rena Sindi from Be’R’Guest – creator of top fancy parties in UK.

I had a pleasure to illustrate 2 books written by famous american author and make up artist
Corinna Cooke: ” Glam Italia ! How To Travel Italy”  and ” Glam Italia ! 101 Fabulous Things To Do In Rome”

My art you can also find on special Limited Edition line of clothes and accessories as mugs, scarves, pillows, notebooks etc.

Some of my clients : Dee Zee, Allani, LA Closet Design, Be’R’Guest, Glam Italia, Agencja Spinki,
Fashion Meetings, Bizuu, La Mode Info, Małopolska, Howlita.


Creating beautiful fashion illustrations, cup of good coffee and favourite music in the background …
perfect day